Easter Snow

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COLUMBIA – Columbia got its first measurable snowfall on Easter since 1961 Sunday.

The National Weather Service estimates the area will see 2 and a half inches by midnight, and temperatures are forecasted to drop to 26 degrees.

Some celebrating the Christian holiday in town had to switch up their celebration plans.

Kaye Fair and her husband, Charlie, are Warrensburg residents. They drove an hour and a half to visit Kaye's daughter in Columbia.

They said they would forgo nightly celebrations to beat the weather to "go home and make a fire."

Kaye said she has never seen anything like this since moving to Missouri in 2000.

Others decided to tough it out and keep the celebrations going despite the incoming snow.

Columbia resident Maria Lopez Mendez and her children, Juan and Marissa, attended mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sunday afternoon.

Maria said they would continue on with their egg toss tradition outdoors by bundling up.

"So, they get to get snow and a mess outside," she said. 

Mendez said she’s never seen weather like this since living in the area for 11 years.

Sleet began falling in Columbia around 4:20 p.m. and before snowfall started around 5 p.m. 

MU senior Cleopatra Benos is a St. Louis native said she's never seen snow on Easter, but the variety of Missouri weather doesn't surprise her. 

"It'll rain one day, snowy the next, sunny the next. You never know," Benos said. 

Rock Bridge High School students Jadin Heaston and Renee Logan are on Spring Break and snow wasn't part of their plans.

"It's normally nice and sunny with flowers everywhere," Heaston said. "Not all cloudy and snowing." 

Logan agreed. 

"This is just unexpected," Logan said. "People told me about it and I was like, 'No way, man. It's not going to happen.'"

National Weather Service records indicate Columbia’s last trace of snow on Easter Sunday was in 2008, but, again, the last measurable snow hit in 1961.

The all-time low temperature for Easter was 13 degrees in 1894. The city saw a record snowfall on Easter with a total of 4.6 inches in 1920.

(Editor's note: the headline originally read 'Columbia copes with first measurable snow on Easter since WW2.' This was inaccurate and since changed.)