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COLUMBIA - The District Downtown Columbia had decided to give people the chance to remember the total eclipse forever.  Anyone can donate one hundred dollars to the Gateway Project and receive one of the eclipse banners.  

The banners hung on ninth street in celebration of the total eclipse that occurred on Aug. 21.

Executive Director of the Downtown Community Improvement District, Katie Essing says the donations will help with the beautification of downtown Columbia. 

"We've got 24 of those banners that are placed and they are coming down tomorrow due to the eclipse being over," said Essing.

"So the decision the committee made was to give them away to the first people that donate a hundred dollars to the Gateway Project."

Essing says donations to the Gateway Project help bring art and identification to the downtown area of Columbia. 

The banners will be taken down on Aug. 23 but people can donate until supplies run out.