Eco Zipline Tours

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NEW FLORENCE - Mike Seper's business is 99 percent green, because it uses the wonders of nature surrounding it.

"We wanted to do something that was good for the environment and very exciting for people that came out to see us, " said Eco Zipline Tours President Mike Seper.

Eco Zipline Tours only has one zipline that's not attached to one of the trees in the forest, most of which are White Oak.

The tree platforms gently hug the trunks to hold riders high aloft.

"It doesn't bite into the tree and it offers the tree room to grow. And we go back every couple years and then we adjust the lengths of the cables to make sure everything stays tight and that it hasn't interfered with the growth of the tree," said Seper.

Eco Ziplines is also emission-free.

"We're using gravity to propel riders. There's no carbon emissions no greenhouse gases output from our activities," said Seper.

Riders travel a mile without even starting up a car. Eco Ziplines lets the rider get in touch with the wilderness, and their wild side.

"I like to be adventurous, I like doing crazy things. I'm not the guy that stays on the trails on snowboarding, I go down in the woods and go through the trees, "said tour manager, Nick Gennewein.

Now Nick and Mike can fly through the trees, in a green adventure fit for any Jungle George or Jane.