Education Commissioner talks about next steps

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MOBERLY - Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro sat down with Randolph county residents Tuesday to talk about the state of education in Missouri.

Nicastro opened the floor for questions about school funding, Common Core Standards, Amendment 3 and teachers carrying guns in the classroom.

At the beginning of this school year, Missouri schools fully adopted the Common Core Standards. State officials also recently implemented a new way of accrediting schools and the process of transferring students.

Moberly High School parent Emma Marquis said she'd like to see parents better informed in the public school system.

"I think we have a lot of parents that are not prepared for what comes in the second stage of academia," Marquis said.

The commissioner said the state's education system is going through a time of transition.

"Anytime you put change in place you have to take time to evaluate and to make sure you're providing the tools and resources necessary for people to implement those things fully," said Nicastro.

She also said educators face a challenge of keeping up with the needs of changing communities.

"We've got to be able to adapt and to keep ourselves on the edge so that we can better serve our kids," said Nicastro.

Commissioner Nicastro announced her resignation as education commissioner the third week of September. She said she will resign by the end of the year. Nicastro began working as the education commissioner in 2009.