Egg Regulations

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OSAGE BEACH - Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said California's farming regulations are unconstitutional and will negatively impact Missouri farmers and egg consumers. 

"We are going to the Supreme Court of the U.S. this morning to file suit and block California's attempt to apply regulations to farmers in Missouri," Hawley said. 

He said the regulations would impact Missouri farmers by increasing their compliance costs, change farming operations and stop the use of cages. Missouri farmers would have to follow the regulations in order to sell eggs in California.

Thirty-percent of Missouri eggs are exported to California. Hawley said the regulation would have huge effects on Missouri farmers and consumers. 

He said this violates the Commerce Clause, which grants Congress the authority over commerce between the states. He said it also goes against federal law which prohibits states from imposing standards on eggs in other states. 

"Their regulations have already cost California farmers hundreds of millions of dollars," Hawley said. "If they are able to impose it on Missouri, and everyone else I might add, it will drive up the cost of eggs for the average family."

Eleven other states are joining Missouri in the suit. This includes Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wisconsin.

The announcement was made at the Missouri Farm Bureau's 2017 meeting.