Eighth Grader Arrested After Bringing BB Gun On Bus

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Jefferson City 8th grader was taken into police custody after he was discovered with a BB gun on his school bus.

According to Jefferson City Public Schools, the Thomas Jefferson Middle School student had a BB pistol on the bus and was showing it to other students. David Luther, a spokesman for the school district, said some students on the bus told the bus driver that the student had the pistol and the driver called First Student Transportation, which called the police.

"We don't think there was any malicious intent with this but nonetheless, the student did have it at school," Luther said. "It was never shown at the school. We didn't know it was in the building, but they took it out on the bus and that's the same thing as having it in the building." 

Luther said the school doesn't have any sort of metal detectors or searches for students because they rely on their faculty and students to report anything they see. He said families should speak to their student to help prevent similar situations.

"Talk to your students," Luther said. "Sit around the dinner table and have a conversation about what is and is not appropriate. If you feel like your student is concerned about something, then bring it to the school's attention. We can work together."

Luther said the situation is still being investigated by both the school district and the police and he can't comment on individual student discipline, but the school policy calls for a 10-day suspension and the incident is then referred to the superintendent.