Eldon Residents Dispute Meter Rates

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MILLER COUNTY - An attorney representing the city of Eldon filed a request for more information Thursday in Miller County Circuit Court in response to a suit by utility customers over added charges. One resident has been fighting the city against the sewer system fee for nearly four years.

"Any property with a building that has a meter, gets charged," Eldon landlord George Hardcastle said. "It's not right. It's not fair."

The attorney appeared in court after residents filed a lawsuit against the city of Eldon. Residents are angry because of a 2008 ordinance change where property owners became responsible for paying for unoccupied water meters in the city. Numerous residents filed a lawsuit together to try to fight back.

"I think we're being unfairly billed for services we're not using," Hardcastle said.

Eldon's attorney nor the city itself talked to KOMU on camera. A judge ruled in favor of the city and dismissed the lawsuit back in November. The residents appealed that decision.