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ELDON - The United Way of Central Missouri and the Board of Alderman met in separate locations Tuesday night to discuss recovery plans for Eldon.

The City of Eldon has $23,872.50 in funds for disaster relief, but cannot donate the money to any non-profit organization, limiting the city's plans.

The long-term recovery program is funded by donations made to the United Way and other organizations, which allows community members to serve tornado and flood survivors of Cole and Miller Counties. 

The President of United Way, Ann Bax, said it takes time to see the results.

"It's a vigorous and long process, it's not quick," she said. "FEMA is the first step after insurance, and is taking registration until September 9th."

Bax said they started with a short-term recovery plan, and now they are looking for more permanent solutions.

"We want to make sure we are being efficient with the donor dollars, because there is never enough," she said. 

Johnnie Briggs-Taylor has lived in Eldon for more than 48 years. Briggs-Taylor says she still drives past the damage everyday, and can see the help that is needed.

"I see what needs to be done, I see it everyday," she said. "We need to make sure that whatever we donate goes to the right person."

The Mayor said he is waiting for FEMA to release funds to those who qualify and then proceed to decide how to spend the money raised.