Election Cost Passes on to Boone County Taxpayers

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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri voters took to the polls Tuesday to vote on local issues in the annual April election, while Boone County paid more than $150,000 to make sure election day ran smoothly. 

The county spent money on everything from printing out ballots to paying employees to staff the polling stations, and that money comes out of residents' taxes. 

But Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren said the county could save millions in tax dollars if more issues were consolidated into this April ballot.

"The legislature wants us to have a presidential primary, an April election, an August primary and a presidential election. Why not combine two of those and save the Missouri taxpayers $3 or 4 million." Noren said. 

Boone County residents agreed spending taxpayer money efficiently is a priority, but doesn't want to take special elections away from issues that demand attention immediately. 

"If you can have a special election on a rare occasion that's a great idea, but I do like the idea of consolidation." Boone County voter Timothy McGarity.

Noren said that Missouri does a decent job of consolidating its ballots already. She said Illinois has fewer elections, saving taxpayer money. But according to Noren, Missouri does a much better job at keeping the number of elections low compared to Kansas. Johnson County, Kan. has already had six elections this year. 

Noren also encourages Boone County residents to take advantage of their tax dollars at work and vote Tuesday.