Election registration deadline arrives in Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Wednesday is the last day for people to register for the April 2 elections registration. 

People who need to register can do so online at the Boone County Government website or in person at the Boone County Clerk's office.

"The other important thing for voters to know is that they should check their voter registration information on our website to make sure that their address is correct," Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon said. 

She said a person's address will be used to determine where they vote and what will be on their sample ballot.

The election will determine who will be Columbia's next mayor, along with school board officials and the city council. 

"April elections always have the most local candidates and issues," Lennon said. "It's the closest to home and I'd like to see as many people getting out to vote as possible."

A full list of the candidates and issues in Boone County can be found on the county's website.