Electrocution Leads to Dock Safety Concerns

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LAKE OZARK - Some residents are second guessing the safety of their lakeside docks after two children were electrocuted Wednesday at the Lake of the Ozarks.

James Doyle, division chief fire marshal of Lake Ozark, said a dock inspection can tell whether or not a dock is ground fault protected. If a dock is ground fault protected, an unexpected shock will go back toward the ground rather than into an individual.

The law in some areas requires inspections of new or remodeled docks. However, other areas do not require dock inspections, including the area where the two children were electrocuted Wednesday.

In those areas of the lake that do require inspections, the owner has a year and a half after installation to get the dock inspected, Doyle said. If the dock is not inspected, Ameren Missouri will remove the dock. If the dock is removed by Ameren Missouri, that address will never be allowed a dock again, even once the home is sold and owned by new people.