Elizabeth Smart Speaks About Overcoming Trauma

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MOBERLY - Elizabeth Smart, who Brian Mitchell abducted in 2002, spoke at Moberly Area Community College Tuesday.

Before her speech, Smart said she planned on telling her story and giving advice to others who may be dealing with traumatic experiences. 

Smart's story received national attention. Mitchell abducted Smart from her Salt Lake City, Utah bedroom when she was 14 years old and held her captive for nine months.  Smart says she would tell people not to worry what others think if they are abducted.  "Do whatever you feel like you have to survive.  Do whatever you can.  It doesn't matter what it is, it can be anything, but do whatever you have to feel like you can to live another day," said Smart.

The Healthy Woman program at Moberly Regional Hospital brought Smart in to speak for its 7th anniversary.  Organizers worked for nine months to get Smart to come speak in Moberly. Event organizers said they sold more than 800 tickets before the event and expected to sell more at the door.

 Lisa Guerrero who organized the event said she was excited they were able to get Smart to come because her case was "one of the most widely followed child abduction cases of our time," said Guerrero.

Smart signed autographs and ate dinner with people who purchased a VIP package before she addressed the crowd.