Elizabeth Smart Speaks at 7th Annual Celebration Event

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MOBERLY - Elizabeth Smart, the survivor of a 2002 abduction, spoke at the 7th Annual Healthy Woman Celebration. 

Every year the Moberly Healthy Woman chapter hosts a anniversary celebration and officials say this year Elizabeth Smart was the perfect guest speaker.

"Everyone can benefit from listening to someone like Elizabeth, when we were planning the event we thought of someone that has overcome true adversity and she came to mind," said Healthy Woman Program Adviser Lisa Guerrero.

The program adviser said Smart's was especially appropriate to bring to Missouri.

"Well Elizabeth has such a powerful message and empowering message to share and absolutely every age group can benefit from it," said Guerreo." Right now, she is probably at her peak of her popularity as far as getting the word about helping children not become victims of crime so we just thought how appropriate to bring her to mid-Missouri to share that message."

The title of the event was "Overcoming Adversity" and attendees of the event said that drew them to the event.

"Well her title is overcoming adversity so I am expecting if she can overcome all the things that she has overcome and is happy and married than surely we can all take something away from that," said Heimann.

At the event, Smart gave details of the nine months that she was abducted and away from her family.

She spoke about her passion to relay to people of any age that "they are not alone."

The event officially started at 7pm but more than 300 VIP attendees were able to meet and greet with Smart before the event. 

More than 800 people filled the Moberly Area Community College at Tuesday's event, both men and women.

All the proceeds will go to the Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.