Ellis Fischel Cancer Center offers tobacco free program to help smokers quit

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COLUMBIA - MU Health Care and the Wellness Resource Center are teaming up Thursday to provide guidance in order to help smokers break the habit. 

According to MU Health Care, "22.3 percent (1,049,400) of adults in Missouri smoke."

"Particularly in Missouri, we have a higher than the natural average smoking rate and offering programs that are evidence based that is proven to help people quit is one way to lower that rate," said Kevin Everett, an associate professor in Family and Community Medicine.

The program is 10 weeks long and free of charge. 

He said it is vital for helping people live a healthier life. 

"The class will work through various programs to help them understand their habits and to be able to replace those habits of smoking with something healthier and to be able to cope with some of the nervousness and emotional differences someone might feel as they try to quit," he said. 

The class will take place every other Thursday and it is facilitated by leaders who are tobacco treatment specialists. 

"They received a special training to be able to help people quit," he said. 

Everett said the class will provide nicotine replacement therapy in the form of a patch, lozenge or gum at no cost.

"Quitting smoking is probably the single most healthy thing a person can do, in order to live a healthier life," he said. 

The program is open to everyone in the community 18 and up and registration is still open. 

The first class will take place Thursday, August 9 at 5:30 p.m.