Emergency Dispatch Center Changes Call Procedures

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CALIFORNIA - Moniteau County Emergency Dispatch (MCED) created new injury accident protocols Thursday to be put in place immediately.

Fire, police and emergency medical services will now all respond to injury accidents. It comes after a previous incident where police arrived on the scene of a two-car fender bender and requested medical assistance for the drivers. EMS asked where fire was at the time, when it turns out MCED never paged fire to the scene.

"Law enforcement arrived on the scene. Law enforcement decided they needed an ambulance then ambulance asked if fire was in route and fire was not in route," said MCED Administrator Corey Sullivan.

Tipton City Marshal Leo Petree said firefighters play a crucial role at injury accidents.

"The fire department, if it's a serious injury accident, they are the ones that will extricate the people out of the vehicles. They are the ones that will help the ambulance put them on the stretchers and get them ready for transportation."

Sullivan also said dispatch has had issues in the past with not getting all of the information or leaving information out.

MCED employs 16 people including an administrator and an addresser. Two are in the center 24 hours a day seven days a week. They work in eight hour shifts.

Sullivan said dispatch center employees go through training before they answer calls on their own.

"It takes a couple of weeks and then they're answering phones with a certified training officer. Then there are several hours after that. It all depends on how well they get the information and record the information," he said.

Petree said sending police, fire and EMS to every injury accident will be helpful in the event all agencies are needed, but it could potentially be a waste of resources.