Emergency Personnel Participate in Drill Simulation

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COLUMBIA - Several emergency personnel gathered for a preparedness drill at the MU Research Reactor Center Monday morning. Groups included the Columbia Fire Department, Joint Communications, reactor staff, MU Police, University Hospital and Clinics, and MU Environmental Health and Safety. The drill was designed to include groups that would normally be involved in an emergency situation.

Captain John Metz, of the Columbia Fire Department said it's important for the groups to practice all kinds of situations.  Metz said, "Well there's nothing like hands on training. It's an opportunity for us to plan our response and communication in an event like this. So actually doing it is a lot better than just talking about it."

The research reactor facility is required to participate in an emergency preparedness drill with emergency personnel every two years.

MU's research reactor is different from the nuclear reactor in Callaway County, because its purpose is for research and requires less power.