Emergency repairs lead to lane closure by 54/63 near Missouri River Bridge

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JEFFERSON CITY- Emergency repairs are being made on westbound U.S. Route 54/southbound U.S. Route 63 near the north side of the Missouri River Bridge.

 From 7:00 p.m. Wednesday to 6:00 a.m. Thursday one lane will be closed.

 The closed lane happened to have a large crack in it that was concluded to be a road failure that needed an immediate repair.

 MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Mike Belt said, “We kept an eye on that crack for a few weeks and it just got worse so we decided to be proactive about it and fix it. We didn't want the road to fail during rush hour in the morning.”

Belt said you can tell when a road is failing by the color around the crack. If the edges begin to whiten, that means the concrete is rubbing against one another. This could lead to the pavement moving underneath whenever a car or truck drives over top of it.

 At around 7:30p.m. the road maintenance crew placed cones along side the closed lane and at 8pm the crew cut slabs of cement where the crack was located.

 Belt said all the maintenance would be done by possibly 11:00p.m. But the decision was made to keep the road closed over night for the cement to set properly.