Emerging Issues Committee meets to discuss Real ID Act

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Emerging Issues House Committee met Wednesday at the Capitol to discuss ways to make Missouri residents compliant with the Real ID Act. 

Rep. Gary Cross, R-Lee's Summitt, said since Missouri is currently a non-compliant state, people can continue business as usual. 

"As we speak right now there's no changes or adjustments that any individuals in the state of Missouri need to make at this time," Cross said. 

In 2009, Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law a bill that forbade the Department of Revenue from complying with the federal law, which requires stricter standards for state-issued IDs.

In the last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that Missourians could be barred in the future from entering federal facilities or traveling by air without providing another form of identification.

Cross said the committee discussed policies and procedures with the Dept. of Revenue.

"We as a state legislature, we're trying to make this an easy process for people to continue to do business instead of coming to a complete state of confusion," Cross said. .

Cross said the date for federal Real ID requirements has been extended to late January. Homeland Security said all Missourians will also be able to board planes using state-issued IDs until 2018.  

"Currently, right now since Missouri was a non-compliant state, individuals can use their normal identification just like usual," Cross said. 

Cross said he is glad there is a lot of people interested in the Real ID Act and wants them to know they can call their state representatives. 

"They're not the governing body but we're trying to do something to make a difference," Cross said.