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HOLTS SUMMIT - A 60-year-old female died Friday morning from gunshot and stabbing wounds according to the Holts Summit Police Department.  A family member called 911 at approximately 10:30 a.m.  Just 25 minutes later, at 10:55, police and the Missouri Highway Patrol responded to a suspect on Highway 54. 

The male suspect took shots at a trooper and officers with a small handgun. Then a trooper hit the suspect with his patrol car.  Officials cuffed the suspect before Callaway County EMS took him to St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City.  He suffered minor bruises and scrapes. There were no other injuries reported. The suspect was released from the hospital Friday afternoon and is now in the custody of the local police department and highway patrol. 

"We interviewed the suspect once, we'll probably interview him again, but we do believe at this time the two incidents are related," Sergeant Paul Reinsch with Missouri Highway Patrol said during a press conference Friday afternoon. 

Officials are not releasing the name of the female victim or the male suspect yet with the investigation pending.  The Callaway Country Prosecutor did come by the victim's house Friday and is on the case. There are no charges filed so far.

The incidents have many neighbors on edge.  One woman, who did not want to say her name, told KOMU 8 the retired couple living at the victim's house are kind and pleasant. She also said she plans to make changes to her home to make it more secure.

"It's frightening... They'll probably put a deadbolt on the front door. I never, ever thought I'd have put a deadbolt on the front door," the woman said.

Officials said for now they do not think the early morning shooting that struck a young girl's leg is related to the other two mentioned above.

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