Empathy Museum showcases life around the world

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COLUMBIA - Frederick Douglass High School gave locals a look into the lives of people around the world Tuesday.

The school hosted an "empathy museum," which featured several exhibits to show daily life in the community.

"The purpose was to know what it is like to be empathetic, and what it is like to walk in somebody's shoes," said teacher Angela Fadness. 

The three themes to the museum were:

  • We belong
  • We empathize 
  • We can change the world

One exhibit displayed a 50-gallon jug of water to give an idea of what it like to transport water in other countries.

Another showcased ELL (English Language Learner) students who spoke through powerpoint presentations about life in their home country and adjusting to the US.

"We really feel like the first step in being empathetic is telling someboday's story," Fadness said.