Employees Working Despite Snowstorm

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COLUMBIA - Despite snow-covered streets, howling winds and foggy skies, some people still went to work Tuesday.

Shelter Insurance opened at its regular time and most employees were able to make it to work before the snow worsened. According to Joe Moseley, vice president of public relations, if the snow lightened up, the company would most likely close early.

"You have to decide if it's safer to put them back on the road or keep them here working," Moseley said. "For the time being, it appears that this is not a good time to go back out on the roads."

Moseley said in some past snowstorms the company closed early, putting all employees out on the streets along with the rest of traffic. He said that made traveling worse. This time around, the company is monitoring the conditions and will make a decision accordingly.

Shelter Insurance does business in 14 states. Shelter said it does not have enough personnel to handle the large volume of daily calls, so the employees are needed to service policyholders and agents. 

The company allowed employees to work from home if they didn't feel comfortable driving in tough conditions.

Shelter Insurance will wait to see weather conditions Wednesday morning before deciding if the offices will open for regular business hours.