Employers are adapting their hiring processes due to the pandemic

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COLUMBIA —American Outdoor Brands partnered up with The Job Center Staffing in order to make applying for jobs accessible during the pandemic.

People throughout mid-Missouri have had to adapt in various ways throughout the pandemic.

On Friday, American Outdoor Brands hosted a drive-thru job fair where job-seekers don't even have to leave their car. 

No experience was required, all shifts were available. The only thing applicants needed to bring was a form of identification. 

Virtual or drive-thru job fairs are becoming the new normal due to social distancing.

Director of Rehabilitation Services, John Scalise, said that temporary positions might be best for job-seekers during this time. 

"I also believe during this pandemic, people really need to think about 'What is my job during the next two years' as opposed to 'If I take this job, it is my lifetime career.'" said, Scalise. 

Student support specialist Laura Peiter, said that although how you apply for jobs may be changing, the fundamentals are the same. 

"I think now, the way they're connecting with employers is very different, but the foundational things remain the same," Peiter said. "Be prepared. Have your online image in really good shape. Have your resume in really good shape. Show those transferable skills. A lot of it is just the medium with which they're interviewing or interacting with employers."  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Columbia has decreased from 6.5% in May to 5.7% in June. 

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