Empower Missouri aims to reintroduce tax credit for low-income housing

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COLUMBIA - Empower Missouri spearheaded a letter to Gov. Mike Parson to try to reinstate a tax incentive program for affordable housing.

The letter was signed by more than 150 people and groups to voice their support in reviving the state match system that would give developers tax credits to build affordable housing.

Under Gov. Grietens, the state-wide match system was discontinued. This means that the state of Missouri would match the amount of federal funding developers received to build affordable housing.

Sarah Owsley Townsend is the policy and organizing manager for Empower Missouri. She said the state-wide match system would help make more affordable housing.

"Many organizations, ours included, have been working to get that started again... to increase the dollars flowing towards affordable housing," Townsend said.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition reports that 113,015 extremely low income households in Missouri are unable to secure housing that is affordable to them.

Townsend said this is a number that will continue to rise.

"Nationally, we see the need for affordable housing going way, way up and we certainly see that in Missouri," Townsend said.

The letter is aimed to reinstate the policy by next year.