End Of Labor Day Weekend

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OSAGE BEACH - As Labor Day weekend comes to a close, more locals are anticipating the fall fishing season.  The Highway Patrol Water Division said this is the time for lake visitors to remind themselves about boating regulations.

Sgt. Jerry Callahan works for the Highway Patrol Water Division and said it's important to carry proper gear in your boat in case you're stopped. "Any time we stop a boat we'll go over the basic safety equipment on the boat. We'll do an inspection," he said.  This type of equipment includes the proper amount of life jackets, boat registration information, and some type of horn or whistle.  You can find more specific boating regulations here.

Osage Beach local Larry Salsman said he's excited about the changing season. He said there's still plenty of money to be brought to the area even though the traditional vacation season is ending. "You're going to start seeing the fishing tournaments come in. There are going to be a lot of them," Salsman said. 

Sgt. Callahan said it's most important for boaters to prepare for the upcoming cooler temperatures.  Salsman said practicing good boating requires paying attention to the law to make sure you stay out of trouble with the Water Patrol.