Energy Efficiency Expo educates on how to save energy and money

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COLUMBIA- The City of Columbia continues its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and comply with the Obama Administrations recommendations on energy efficiency. Columbia committed to reduce energy intensity 20 percent by 2020.

An event Saturday centered around educating Columbia residents on what they can do to conserve energy. The "Energy Efficiency Expo" counted with numerous companies that focus on energy efficient products. Representatives from the companies answered questions and talked about the products they had on display.

Connie Kacprowicz, spokesperson for Water and Light, said this event helps educate people about how they can be more energy efficient.

"There's a lot of misconceptions about being energy efficient," she said. "Some people think that it means that they have to be uncomfortable or don't understand the basic concepts of it."

Kacprowicz said one of the main issues people have is air leaks.

"What you want to do is once you condition that air, you know, air conditioned or heated, that it stays inside the house," she said.

Kacprowicz said air sealing and insulation are two things home owners can do to be more energy efficient and reduce their energy costs.

Rachel Barker, general manager of Service Concepts, said this event helps people see the products in person and ask questions about them. She was showcasing energy efficient light bulbs.

"It helps also with the environment concerns," she said. "As well as meeting efficiency goals for the utility so that another power plant doesn't need to be built."

Barker said dimmable lights are also effective when it comes to energy savings.