Engineering firm pushing for I-70 to support driverless cars

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COLUMBIA- If one Missouri engineering firm gets its way, Interstate 70 could soon be missing something on its roads: drivers.

Integrated Roadways has plans to upgrade the renovation of Interstate 70 with its smart pavement technology. The technology included would allow for support for driverless cars. It also would allow drivers on the road to connect to wifi anywhere along the highway. 

However, these futuristic features have a big price tag. President of Integrated Roadways Tim Sylvester estimates the project would cost around $3.5 billion for the smart pavement.  

In order to pay for the project, users would have to pay a subscription fee to use the features. Otherwise, it would act just like a normal road. 

One frequent I-70 driver said he believes people won't think the upgrades are worth the subscription. 

"If it's a subscription service, then I don't think people will pay for it," Phillip Devries said.

Sylvester will present the project to the Missouri Highway Commission next week.