Everybody Eats gears up for the 17th year

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COLUMBIA - Everybody Eats is gearing up for the 17th year in Columbia, but this is only the second year without founder and former city councilwoman Almeta Crayton. 

"This is what she believed in and this is what our family believes in," Crayton's older brother Anthony Crayton said.

Everybody Eats is on Thanksgiving and is expecting to feed about 400 people this year.

Almeta started Everybody Eats as part of her community outreach and trying to improve the lives of others.

"This means everything ," Anthony said. "This is what she stood for. It means what it says, Everybody Eats. Nobody should be hungry on Thanksgiving. If there is anything you can do, you should do it."

Most people will come to Stephens College to get their meals, but less than a quarter of the meals will be delivered by volunteer teams.

"There is a need for this and it's powerful," Anthony said. "It was not what I anticipated, but it's such a good feeling. It's amazing."

Anthony said this is his second year coming in from St. Louis, where he lives, to donate his time, but he has been donating food for years. 

To find out more on how you can donate, go to Almeta's Crayton Annual Programs Facebook page.