Evidence, Guns & Love Story Complicate Hosier Trial Video

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JEFFERSON CITY - Day two of the murder trial against David Hosier started Tuesday with evidence shedding light on the night of September 28, 2009. Detective Jason Miles took the stand and recounted what he found after catching Hosier in Oklahoma. Miles said he found 15 guns and duffel bags full of ammunition.

Robert Sanford then took the stand. He met Hosier shortly after the alleged murder.

He told the court Hosier had expressed discontent for his ex-girlfriend and that he was not happy with her being with someone else. Sanford said that Hosier told him he would "solve the problem."

Sanford also said Hosier admitted that he was able to kill someone. Hosier did not admit to Sanford he had killed someone.

Hosier's attorneys then asked Sanford if he was only testifying to lessen his own sentence. Sanford said he's just trying to be a better person and tell the truth.

The owner of a rental storage unit Hosier rented also took the stand regarding whether evidence inside the unit was tampered with. She said that after she saw the news about Hosier, she immediately put a red lock on the storage space until police arrived. She was the only one that had access to open the lock.

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