Excess rainfall affects businesses

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COLUMBIA – September has seen a lot of rain so far in mid-Missouri. Only halfway through the month and Columbia has already exceeded its monthly average of rainfall by four inches.

Local landscapers said rain really takes a toll on their businesses.

“It’s a waste when you get them out on the job site and it rains. I have 50-60 people going out there, I end up paying them for two man hours and the drive out there, only to have nothing get done,” Kevin Anson with Rost Inc. Landscaping said.  

Owner of Danny’s Landscaping, Danny Carroll, said the rain gives him anxiety because of the problems it brings.

“A lot of the times the problems are in my head, I worry about filling time cards for guys because they need to eat," Carroll said. "Even if I’m fine not working for a week or month, they are not."

Anson said keeping the customers happy becomes a challenge as well. Landscapers often have to postpone their projects, but communication with the customers is key.

“Most people are understanding if you keep them informed," Anson said. "Once in a while you may lose people though, just because they get impatient."

Carroll said even if rainy days don’t allow them to work outside he tries to keep his employees busy cleaning up the shop.

“But there is only so many times a guy can sweep a shop.” Carroll said. “Guys don’t want to come to work just to clean things over and over again.”

KOMU 8’s Kenton Gewecke said he predicts more rain to come this month. He thinks Columbia will end the month of September reaching about 10 or 11 inches of rain.

With more rain in the forecast, landscapers plan to take advantage of dry, sunny days.