EXCLUSIVE: Witness details Columbia officer-involved shooting

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COLUMBIA - Columbia police are investigating after a deadly officer-involved shooting in south Columbia Thursday evening. 

KOMU 8 was the first on the scene on Sun Court, and we talked exclusively with witnesses in the area. 

One witness said he saw a man back his truck into a garage on Sun Court in Columbia, and that's when officers saw a gun. 

The witness said this is unusual for his neighborhood, but he's trusting that police do their job. 

"At this point, I'm kind of retreating back to my apartment, you hear gun and you freak out," Logan Locke said. "From then on, it seemed like more cops just kept showing up and showing up and everyone had a gun. It was pretty crazy stuff."

Assistant Chief Brian Richenberger said at some point, there was an exchange of gunfire. Officers secured the surrounding area. Officers evacuated residents and remained on scene. They determined the suspect had died.

"At that point, we notified MSHP and an active investigation is going on as we speak regarding the officer-involved shooting," Richenberger said.

Locke said this is something he doesn't see often.

"Your typical crime scene stuff, I guess you could say? Not that I've experienced to many of them," he said. "Just a lot of traffic, rerouted, cop cars absolutely everywhere, Lot of officers buzzing about. Just a lot going on, and it's a side of Columbia you don't often see."

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