Expanded Protection for Students

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COLUMBIA - A bill that would expand felonies for sexual contact between teachers and students sits on Governor Nixon's desk Wednesday. If passed, legislation would be expanded to prohibit sexual contact between teachers and students off school grounds.

Currently, sexual contact is only considered a felony when the action occurs on school property.

If passed, the legislation would also make sexual contact between school board members and students a felony. This isn't covered under current law.

"I'm concerned with issues in that area. You know, the older they get the more they take a liking to certain things that they really don't know about. You know sex is a big deal. Even in a place where you think they would be more protected. I think that would be great legislation," said Smithton Middle School parent Terry Baker.

Governor Nixon's office said the bill is just one of 120 waiting for his signature. It has to go through comprehensive review. Then, it could be signed or vetoed sometime by mid-July.