Expanded Smart 911 to help first responders in an emergency

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BOONE COUNTY –Boone County Commission approved an expansion to Smart 911. Rave Command View is newest feature.

The feature will help 911 personnel to clearly visualize emergency call traffic, Smart 911 safety procedures, facility data, panic button operations and a web based map.

You can enter your information on the In Case of an Emergency Standard app. The app allows you to provide allergies, blood type, medications, and who your insurance provider is. Boone County Commissioner Fred Parry said the information could be vital to first responders in emergencies.

“So all of this information can be sent to the first responders so that in case you are not able to provide this information to medical personal that information is readily available to them,” Parry. “So it really in some cases could be a lifesaving move. But basically, the concept is the more information the county has about your particular situation the more effective their going to be in serving you.”

The app also allows you to enter if there are small children, or pets in you home.

“The more information that our dispatchers have about your personal situation the more effective our first responders can be in responding to calls for medical help, calls for crime or emergencies,” Parry said.

Rave Command View will be useful to first responders in emergencies but won’t cost the county or individuals any money.

“Today, the county commission was able to approve some amendments to our current contract with the current software system that the county uses,” Parry said. “And so all of those additions and improvements were made without any additional costs to the county or the citizens of Boone County.”

The app is free to use and Parry said its worth using it.

“I would encourage everyone in Boone County to go online and download the apps that provide this information to first responders,” Parry said. “It is time well spent. It’s a great way, it could save your life.”

Parry said the app came in handy when his son was in a car accident. 

“Back in 2014, my teenage son was involved in a very terrible car accident and the first responders were able to go to his cell phone and find our contact information,” Parry said. “They were able to contact us, they knew we were his next of kin and that was because he had entered that information into his smart phone.”

Parry said this resulted in him getting to the hospital as soon as possible.

“So it was important for us to be contacted by the Missouri Highway Patrol. As a result, we were able to get to the hospital before the ambulance was able to get to the hospital. So, it was a tremendous service and I would encourage all Boone County citizens to take advantage of it.”