Expert witness calls Missouri voter ID law strict non-photo

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COLE COUNTY - The trial over Missouri's voter ID law continued Wednesday, but won't wrap up until after the weekend.

Attorneys for the state of Missouri called an an expert witness who categorized the law as “strict non-photo,” or “non-strict photo” based on his academic study. 

Jeff Milyo gave testimony for the defense Wednesday afternoon for the defense. His testimony directly conflicts with testimony given Tuesday by the plaintiff’s witness. Tuesday the plaintiff’s expert witness, Kenneth Mayer, said the law is confusing and drives down voter turnout. 

“The effect is ambiguous,” Milyo said Wednesday. 

Milo discussed his views on the possible outcomes of the new law on voter turnout for the upcoming November election. 

“Confusion could be an underestimate or overestimate of what’s required to vote,” Milyo said. 

He added this could potentially drive more people to the polls because they believe there are less “costs” associated with voting when someone weighs the costs and benefits. 

The plaintiff in the case cross-examined another expert witness in a trial. 

Secretary of State Director of Elections Brandon Alexander made a point to repeatedly say that as long as Missouri residents are registered to vote they will be allowed to cast a ballot. 

“Even if they went to the polling place with non-ID they would be able to vote as long as you’re registered to vote,” Alexander said on the stand. 

Closing arguments are Monday, October 1.