Extra Clean Up Time for Garbage Collectors

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COLUMBIA - Columbia garbage collectors worked hard Monday to accommodate excessive trash from University of Missouri Homecoming weekend.

Garbage collector Brandon Goins said trash pick up after game days is hectic.  His day was just getting started but he said he could already tell it would require him and his partner to work much more quickly.  On the average day the team makes two trips to the local landfill but he expects they will be making much more because their truck will fill with trash more quickly than usual.

Columbia Solid Waste Superintendent Nicholas Paul said there are eight trucks that run on Mondays for resident waste pick-up.  The city doesn't add extra vehicles or workers along routes after game days or similar big events around Columbia.

"The guys already know they are going to be working late," Paul said.

Garbage Collector Mike Crane was on his second trip to the landfill at 10:30 am.  His day is usually over by 1:30 pm but he thinks he'll be back to the landfill three more times. 

Paul said he won't know the amount of trash collected on Monday for another day.  He said that this year's 100th Homecoming Festivities have accumulated more trash than past years' Homecoming weekends.