Facebook Law Update

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COLUMBIA - Educators disagreed Thursday about the next step in the revision of the state's so-called Facebook Law in the Missouri Senate.  The senate revised the original Facebook law that prohibited teachers from contacting students through social media.  Now the main concern is whether or not there will be a statewide policy on social media contact between students and teachers or if it will be a district-by-district policy. 

Columbia Board of Education President Tom Rose said he doesn't want a district-by-district policy.  Rose said he fears that that will lead to too much uncertainty about what is and is not appropriate social media contact between teachers and students.  He said that uncertainty would cause disagreements between districts.

But the Missouri State Teachers Association wants a district-by-district policy because that would let each district form a policy that best suits it in terms of social media use. 

Critics say the debate comes under the cloud of possible unconstitutional action by the Missouri Senate because the action was taken during a special session, when the general assumbly can repeal legislation, not revise it.  The senate did vote unanimously on the bill, sending it to the Missouri House.