Fact Check: Chris Koster's Campaign Ad

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JEFFERSON CITY - In one of Attorney General Chris Koster's campaign ads, he claims to be "all prosecutor, no politics."  The ad focuses on his years worked as a law enforcer and attacks his Republican opponent, Ed Martin.

In the ad, Koster said, "I've prosecuted over 100 murder cases and won thousands of convictions." But the U.S. Census Bureau shows only 16 murders in Cass County during his 10 years serving as prosecutor. KOMU called Koster's campaign team to see if he personally won those convictions, or if it was the total work of the attorneys working below him in Cass County. The team refused to answer the question on the phone, but provided a statement:

"As Cass County Prosecutor, Koster prosecuted on an average of 1100 prosecutions per year. The numbers used in our ads are from his time as Cass County prosecutor through his work as attorney general."

The team did not decline that those prosecutions were a team effort -- so KOMU is calling this claim half true.

Koster also said in the ad, "My opponent has never even had a jury trial or put even on criminal behind bars."  Martin has served as an attorney, but he's never been a prosecutor.  KOMU labels this claim as True.

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