Fact Check: Dave Spence Latest Ad

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COLUMBIA - In one of Dave Spence's ads, Spence tries to link Jay Nixon with President Obama, saying they failed Missouri together. KOMU took a look at whether or not the claims in the ad are true.

"Then Jay Nixon pushed Obamas failed stimulus on Missouri..."

In an interview with C-SPAN in 2009 Nixon did push the stimulus plan and even celebrated the fact that Missouri was the first state to put this plan into action.

"A lot of attention on your state this past week because as the president signed the stimulus plan, that so called shovel ready project began in your state. were did it take place and why Missouri first? We were first because we were ready."

We label this claim as true.

"Even after admitting that our kids would bear the burden of the debt. If there is debt Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off.."

In that same interview with C-SPAN about the stimulus plan, Nixon did say that Missouri kids and grandkids would have to pay that debt off.
also true.

"Over 45 thousand Missouri jobs gone."

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, Missouri did lose close to 46 thousand jobs from January 2009 to September 2012.


"Our economy trailing every state in the Midwest, worst in the region."

This information comes from an Associated Press article, but Spence neglects to include the next part of the article.

"Yet Missouri's unemployment rate remains better than the national average, recently ranking in the top 10 among states in terms of improvement."

Here is how Missouri's unemployment ranks among the Midwest. Some of the lowest unemployment rates are in North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota. Some states that have the highest unemployment rates are Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. Missouri is right in the middle.

We call this claim misleading.