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COLUMBIA - MU Health Care can now access patient records from SSM Health and vice versa.

Health records can now be shared between SSM Health and the Tiger Institute Health Alliance Health Information Exchange, which includes University of Missouri Health Care, Capital Region Medical Center and other Missouri hospitals, clinics and post-acute care providers.

The Tiger Institute Health Alliance Health Information Exchange is an organization that facilitates the exchange of medical records.

"Both of us recognized that there would be a lot of value to patients throughout the region and really throughout Missouri and beyond if we were able to share electronic medical record information," said Tiger Institute Director of Regional Operations Michael Seda. 

MU Health recently joined the Sequioa Project eHealth Exchange, a national health information exchange that encourages health care companies to connect. 

Seda said if someone who usually receives care at SSM in Jefferson City needed care at the University Hospital, this new connection could help physicians make better decisions.

"So now through the health information exchange connection, the emergency physicians at University of Missouri will have visibility to all of the problems, conditions, medications and all of the other medical information on that patient." 

Some of the benefits of this connection include visibility to allergies, decreasing the chance that tests are duplicated, and more efficient health care.

Seda said this could also help MU students who receive care in both Columbia and their hometown where they might go to SSM Health.

SSM Health and MU Health Care will be able to see records up to 90 days back.

"This helps us provide the most appropriate, safe and streamlined care for these patients.” said Thomas Selva, pediatrician and chief medical information officer at MU Health Care.