Fairgoers React to Rodeo Stunt

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SEDALIA - An incident Saturday at the Missouri State Fair was still on the minds of fairgoers and officials Monday evening.

The stunt involved a clown wearing a President Barack Obama mask.

Mark Wolfe, Director of the Missouri State Fair, condemned the stunt and said, "I can tell you for a fact it was not funny. We do not condone things like that out here. We are embarrassed and appalled that somebody would pull a stunt like that."

Some fairgoers agreed it was not okay, including Barry Vandeventer.

"Well, I wouldn't say that it's okay," Vandeventer said. "Me personally, it's not a preference to me on which way it went. But no, it wasn't right of him to do that."

Another fairgoer said he didn't mind the stunt.

"I wouldn't of took it either way, as a racial slur or anything like that. We've always cracked jokes about...on Saturday Night Live they make fun of our presidents and everything so why can't a clown?" Robert Johnson said.

Wolfe said that the fair is already investigating the incident and banned the clown involved in the stunt from the fair.

"We are continuing to look into who was involved in this issue and and we'll make some harsh decisions with them pretty quick coming up," Wolfe said.