Fairview Road Church Celebrates Extreme Home Makeover

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COLUMBIA - Fairview Road Church celebrated an extreme home makeover for former councilwoman Almeta Crayton on Wednesday.

Crayton was a city councilwoman for nine years and has been the head of the Everybody Eats Project for the last 15 years. Members of the community said they want to give Crayton an award for her dedicated community service.

Jerry Templer, with the Fairview Road Church, said this was a perfect opportunity to give back to Crayton for all she has done for the community. Crayton said she is beyond grateful for the home renovations.

"And you are seeing something that I would have never in a million years been able to do, never," Crayton said. "And so I appreciate what they tried to do."

It took volunteers four weeks to finish the renovations which included replacing the walls and floors as well as the plumbing. The final renovations will be completed in the next two to three days.