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COLUMBIA - Reproaction, an abortion rights group, held a rally Wednesday outside the crisis pregnancy clinic My Life Clinic, claiming My Life is fake and should no longer receive federal and state funding. 

“They don’t provide care, they don’t provide any licensed care, any health care of any kind,"  said Evonnia Woods from Reproaction.  "They don’t provide any prenatal or postpartum care that you could receive from a facility like Planned Parenthood, so coming here does nothing."

There are currently 69 crisis pregnancy clinics in Missouri that are funded through tax credits and federal funds that are earmarked for feeding pregnant women and their children.  

"Millions of dollars from that funding to go to these fake clinics to deter women from having abortions and that’s not what the money is allotted for,” Woods said. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to My Life Clinic for comment but staff there declined to do an interview. 

According to its website, My Life Clinic offers women pregnancy tests, performed by a nurse, and then provides advice on options for pregnant women. Limited ultrasound options are available, the website says.

According to Woods, the facilities have no licensed physicians and their main purpose is to talk women out of having an abortion.

"It’s a lot of lying going on and deception, and I mean being pregnant is such a difficult thing in and of itself, so when you have to add in that fact that you’re being lied to and not receiving the proper health care it’s really concerning," Wood said.

Unlike facilities such as Planned Parenthood, crisis pregnancy clinics are not regulated by state or local law.

"These clinics, they’re not reporting to anyone," Woods said. "They’re not being held accountable in any way and what we want to make sure is that they are being held accountable. We want to make sure that with that the message is getting out and people understand that these are not real clinics."