Fall season means more deer on the roads

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COLUMBIA - It's deer season, and MoDOT is reminding drivers to watch out for deer because they are on the move.

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol's crash report statistics, the number of deer-involved crashes spike during deer season, particularly during the months of October and November.

The number of deer-related crashes in October and November account for around 40 percent of the year's total.

Barb Keller, with the Missouri Department of Conservation, said more deer are on the move this time of the year because it is breeding season.

"During breeding season deer are more active across the landscape. Bucks especially are more likely to be moving during all times of the day," Keller said.

Keller said deer are most active when the sun is rising and setting, and that can cause problems for drivers.

"As we progress into the fall and the winter months and the day lengths shorten, it just happens to coincide with the commuting hours for many of our drivers," Keller said.