Fallen veterans exhibit leaves Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Saturday marked the final day of the Remember Our Fallen exhibit at the Columbia Mall. The moving exhibit honors soldiers who served during the Iraq War. The Missouri exhibit was unveiled in 2011 and honors 152 service members.

Missouri’s exhibit is one of 22 honoring home state veterans. Patriotic Productions hopes to continue expanding its number of exhibits and is working on creating a nationwide campaign.

Debbie Murchison-Perri, the Missouri representative for Remember Our Fallen, is currently in charge of moving the Missouri exhibit around the state. Murchison-Perri originally heard about the exhibit from a close friend who was the Kansas representative. After working with the organizer from Kansas, Murchison-Perri took over as the Missouri representative last July.

Since taking over, Murchison-Perri has brought the exhibit around Missouri. Murchison-Perri said she likes to volunteer to honor her son.

"I lost my son during the Iraq war therefore I feel it’s my mission to carry on what he started. These soldiers gave their lives for our country and I believe it’s important to remember and honor them.” Murchison-Perri continued saying, “I want to make sure none there veterans are not forgotten.”

The exhibit will be moving to Bakersfield High School after it leaves the Columbia Mall. A full list of dates and locations for the Remember Our Fallen exhibit has been provided bellow.

September 20 - October 3: Columbia Mall, Columbia

October 26 - 30: Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield

November 2 - 6: Smith-Cotton High School, Sedalia

November 9 - 13: Osborn High School, Osborn

November 16 - 21: Hart-Stepp Gallery, New Madrid