Families Attend Pumpkin Fun Run to Support Physical Education

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COLUMBIA - Kids and their parents filled Philips Lake Park on Saturday for the Pumpkin Fun Run to promote physical education in Boone County schools.

Hundreds of families ran the one-mile course in an effort to raise money as well as awareness of the importance of physical education. The three top schools with the most registered runners will win a $500 prize each, which will go toward their physical education programs. Century Link organized the event.

"The money will be used for the physical education classes so they can buy nets, balls, whatever the physical education teachers need," event-organizer Greg Baker said.

The Pumpkin Fun Run promoted physical education so the kids could be, "a little healthier, little bit more physically active," Baker said. "Just trying to get the kids to understand that health and fitness is important and fun as well."

Two runners who participated in the event said they had a good time. Sophia and Heidi Baillos ran with their parents and dog.

"I got to pet the dogs over there," Sophia said. "I got to run the track and I beat my whole family."

Columbia's Second Chance brought two dogs to socialize with the families and provided information about adopting from shelters.

Sophia, Heidi and their parents, along with the other participants, took home a coupon for a pumpkin after crossing the finish line, pet a Clydesdale horse, and decorated little pumpkins.