Families Host Ceremony for Missing Persons

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri state capitol hosted a ceremony Friday honoring families of missing and unidentified persons. Governor Jay Nixon delcared June 17 Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day for the state of Missouri. Missouri Missing, a not for profit group organized the event to raise awareness and to give familes a chance to speak about their missing loved one.

"We go across the state and do rallies, and memorials, mostly for awareness for this epidemic of missing people," the group's co-founder, Marianne Asher-Chapman, said.

Asher-Chapman and Peggy Florence started Missouri Missing in 2007 after their daughters went missing. Asher-Chapman's daughter Angie Yarnell went missing in 2003 in Morgan County. She feels her group is making a difference. "It makes me feel proud that we have this organization. It makes me think my daughter would be proud."

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 546 kids and 673 adults are missing from Missouri currently. Missouri is the only state to hold an official day to honor missing and unidentified persons. "It's really sad but we have to do something," Asher-Chapman said. "We always need awareness out there."