Family Halloween Haunts Maplewood Home

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COLUMBIA - About 15 volunteers came together Monday night to showcase the historic Maplewood Barn Home for Halloween.  With direction from Jason Cascio, the director of the haunted house, families received a tour and learned about the Maplewood Barn Theatre history. 

Cascio said this is the first time the Maplewood Barn Theatre and the Boone County Historical Society teamed up to put together a haunted house tour. The tour was about 20 to 25 minutes long. Cascio said what makes this tour different from others is that the Maplewood home is a historic house from the 1800s. inside, live characters portrayed actual people who lived in the house at some time.

The planning process for the Maplewood Home tour started in September. Cascio said he played a major part in organizing making the props, writing the story line, setting up lighting and sound, as well as recruiting all the actors.

Cascio said he hopes to make this an annual Halloween night activity.