Family of Slain Columbia Man Remembers Dontay Tolston

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COLUMBIA- Family members and neighbors of Dontay Tolston, the 23-year-old man shot in north Columbia Thursday night, started a memorial in front of the apartment complex Friday where police said the shooting took place.

Family members and friends gathered at the scene of the incident in 2000 block of Newton Drive. The victim's brother said Tolston was a thoughtful person and a big video gamer. Neighbors said Tolston was a ‘good guy' and a ‘nice person.'

Police said a woman arrived at the scene of the shooting and found Tolston with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the hospital early Friday morning.

Tolston went to Hickman High School and participated in a protest demanding higher paying minimum wage jobs in August, 2012 near downtown Columbia.

Tolston's family also expressed that that the incident is unfortunate given the New Year holiday.

Police do not have a suspect. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Columbia Police Department or Crime Stoppers (573) 875-TIPS.