Family, Police Meet Following Unresolved Murder

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COLUMBIA - Brandon Coleman was shot dead near Stephens College and Boone Hospital at the end of May.

The police have not arrested anyone yet regarding the murder of Coleman.

Coleman's family held a meeting on Tuesday at Second Baptist Church to create a line of communication with the Columbia Police Department due to the fact that no one has been arrested.

The meeting was private and was organized by the NAACP, it set rules regarding who would be allowed inside. The media was not allowed inside during the meeting.

Due to the fact that the meeting was private, the Coleman family told people about the meeting via a flyer they created which invited everyone to come.

Some people in the meeting left because they said there was too much shouting, and emotions were very high. After the meeting, people shouted "no justice" as they were exiting.

"It's not fair, it's not equal, it's not justice," Lorenzo Lawson, a person at the meeting said. "Because, the lawyer said he's defended hundreds of them and it never has happened. Why this guy? Why is he not in jail, just like the rest?"

The Coleman family did not want to comment after the meeting.

Columbia Police Department Chief Ken Burton spoke inside the meeting. One officer spoke to the media and explained the investigation is ongoing.