Family Searches for Missing Mother

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MEXICO - A missing person report was filed Wednesday. Thirty-three year old Kimberly Finton went missing last week. The last person who spoke to Finton was her mother. Finton called her mother Tuesday asking for a ride home from the Mexico Hospital. 

Kim's car was found in the 2200 block of Rangeline Road. The car's flasher lights were on and the passenger door was wide open. Finton's mother said she never goes anywhere without her make-up case and her make-up case was left behind at her brother's house. Finton's mother said she has no belongings or money with her either.

Kim has three children. Her twelve-year old son says he just wants his mom to come home.

"I wish she was still here. We have a good relationship. We are pretty much just like each other and we sometimes fight because we are just like each other," said Alban Finton. 

Her children, mother and sister pray every night that Kim is safe and will come home soon.