Family shares how Renick tornado ruined their house

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RENICK – The Beamer family was on the porch of their Randolph County home at the beginning of the storm on Monday, Dec. 4, admiring the lightning. But then, the sky turned green, and they heard a loud, rumbling noise.

“That’s not a train,” said Tyler Beamer, whose family lives near a train track. He quickly realized he should bring his family back inside.  

Beamer said he tried to rush his daughter and niece, Cadence, back to the laundry room since it was their only underground room. But the storm was moving too quickly.

Beamer said they had to “hit the ground” as the house started falling apart. Dust surrounded the family and installation fell on top of them.

“Everything started collapsing and we all huddled in a ball,” Cadence said. “It sounded like a freight train.”

Within a matter of minutes, their house was destroyed. The entire living room got sucked away from the wind. The bathroom was destroyed and the shower was ripped out of the house.

After the wind stopped, Beamer said everything was “calm and white.” The only rooms remaining were the kitchen and laundry room.

Cadence said she couldn’t believe they didn’t get picked up by the wind.

But as soon as the storm ended, Beamer remembered the propane tank near the house and told his family they had to leave as soon as possible. He was afraid the tank would be leaking.

After checking on neighbors, Beamer, his daughter and father, and Cadence went to the hospital. Only his daughter was injured. She cut her foot on glass and had to get stitches.

After returning home to their damaged house, the family realized that one of their trucks was picked up in the storm. They found the truck in a nearby cornfield.

This storm wasn’t the first one that Renick has seen.  

In 2006, a tornado came through the same neighborhood. Beamer said this tornado was only 50 feet away from the previous one.  

The last tornado hit Beamer’s shed but he said, “this time, it came through half the house.”

Cadence said she was only one years old when the 2006 tornado came through. She said she had wondered her entire life what it would be like to be in a tornado again.

A week later, the house is still being searched and cleaned, but the Beamer family has left.

Beamer said this is the second tornado that has come through the same path.

“It is a tornado alley right here,” Beamer said. “I don’t want to be here the next time one comes through.”

The Beamer family is currently in the process of moving into a new house down the street.

Although the storm took most of the family's belongings, Tyler's father, Bob Beamer, said he is focusing on the positive. 

"I just think the days will be better, you know. Look on the good side, we're still here," Bob Beamer said. "What you can't do anything about, forget it and look forward to what you can do next."